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The Glover House

The Glover House

Orchard Terrace Care Centre is proud to include the historic Glover House which serves as the dining room and lounge areas for our Long Term Care Home.

Built in 1888, the Glover House is an example of the Picturesque style of Ontario architecture. The house is built of red limestone quarried at Queenston and drawn by horse and wagon to the site. The front facade of the house has a central doorway, two symmetrically-placed bay windows and an intricately detailed verandah exemplifying Picturesque decorative elements including wood railings, turned columns, fanciful treillage below the mansard roof, and finely-detailed foliated chain link bargeboards accented by a turned finial at each of the three peaks.

Plaque: The Glover House 1888

Glover House was built by Alexander Stewart Glover Sr. who was engaged primarily in fruit farming, growing cherries, plums, grapes and pears. The fruit from his orchards was sent by car over to the E.D. Smith farm for widespread distribution. The son of Alexander Glover Sr., Herbert D. Glover was also a successful fruit farmer and became active in municipal politics. He was elected to Saltfleet Council in 1925 and chosen as Warden of Wentworth County in 1932. During his life he served in a number of capacities including President of the Ontario Agricultural Council and Chairman of the Wentworth County Police Commission. The Glover House remained the home of the Glover family until 1966.